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Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.

How to increase the number of circulating stem cells to Reverse Aging

Christian Drapeau

Christian Drapeau has spent the last 20 years researching plants from around the world known in ancient medicine to heal many aspects of human health. This research led him to discover that the most powerful of these plants act as stem cell mobilizers. STEMREGEN is a blend of several of the most powerful plant extracts documented to trigger the release of your own stem cells. Putting more stem cells in circulation means that more stem cells are available to contribution to tissue repair and renewal. Tapping into our innate regenerative potential is one of the most powerful tools we have for optimal health.

How Sexual Health Reverses Aging

Susan Bratton

Discover why people who are physically intimate look younger and live longer. Find out how to overcome the obstacles that block intimacy as we age. Review the technologies that can reverse aging of your genital and pleasure systems including photobiomodulation, shockwave, vacuum technology, PRP, exosome, stem cells and hormone and supplement options. From budget to luxury prices, there are sexual regenerative therapies that can turn back the clock so your later years are you sexiest ever. Understand the impact of your microbiomes and how to avoid excessive aging. Learn the difference between sexual biohacking which takes you beyond your best performance to new levels of intimacy and pleasure. Sex and intimacy are learned skills that the wise ones do best as we age. Join Susan Bratton for an inspiring session on your sexual potential.

How can Regenerative Medicine help to achieve Age Reversal

Dr. Jeffrey Gross

A polymath and great medical mind, Jeffrey Gross turned down MIT to attend Berkeley to study biochemistry and molecular biology before going to medical school. By the time he had finished medical school, he was published multiple times in medical journals and had won prestigous research awards from the National Heart Association and the William Henry Beaumont Research Society. Following a long medical training, Dr. Gross has always pursued a path to help patients avoid surgery. Focusing on neurosurgery and with a spine fellowship, he is one of the thought leaders in providing the best options and highest quality of care to his patients. Therefore it was no surprise that a number of years ago out of frustration for patients wanting more options, he went back to his roots of basic science and re-trained in regenerative and stem cell medicine. He studied the best practices around the globe and is one of the few cutting edge scientists and doctors to offer alterantives to cortisone injections or surgeries.

Does Compassion lead to Physical and Mental Health benefits

Linda Marsanico

Linda Marsanico is a psychologist and advanced public speaker. She works integratively with clients, using coaching techniques and a spiritual focus.  Linda employs various energy modalities; blogs about love, compassion, and playfulness as a path to a joy-filled life. She values meditation and mantra as a support for a disciplined mind.

In her book: “The A Train to Sedona” – a memoir – she describes her journey toward love and compassion.


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The Importance of Foot Strength to Reverse Aging

Courtney Conley

Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens where she has the opportunity to truly realize her dream of helping as many people as possible reclaim their foot function.

She’s an internationally renowned foot and gait specialist who teaches both nationally and internationally. Dr. Conley is a chiropractic physician who specializes in foot and gait mechanics. She holds a BA in Kinesiology, a BA in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.

She is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions clinic and Total Health Performance gym in Lakewood, CO, where she heads patient care with a focus on restoring gait mechanics and helping people resolve foot problems to move more easily and with less pain.

Dr. Conley is a founding member of the Healthy Foot Alliance, an international team of practitioners whose collective goal is to bring light to the benefits of natural footwear and prevent unnecessary surgical procedures by improving foot foundation and creating a stable platform from the ground up.




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Lifestyle and Nature Medicine to Reverse the Effects of Aging

Dr. Melissa Sundermann

Dr. Sundermann is a double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. She also has training in Integrative Medicine and Mind Body Medicine. She strongly believes in fostering a partnership with her patients and helping to guide them towards a healing pathway through self-care utilizing the pillars Lifestyle Medicine. She is also known as “Doctor Outdoors” and is the Founding Chair of the Nature as Medicine sub-committee for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

She is the co-founder of REVIVE! Lifestyle Medicine Well-Being Coaching. She does her best to practice what she preaches and enjoys running, biking, hiking, skiing and spending time outdoors and creating adventures with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs. She truly believes that age is just a number and is passionate about spreading this word to all of her patients, family and friends.

Why having a Solid Foundation of Strength, Agility and Balance is Important

Dr. Alicia Chitanand

Dr. Alicia Chitanand is a Lifestyle Medicine and fellowship trained Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician. She has her own Lifestyle Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation practice in Raleigh, NC. She is a certified yoga instructor and weaves this into her practice to give patients help with exercise and stress management. When she is not helping her patients achieve wellness through Lifestyle Medicine, she is promoting wellness for healthcare professionals. She firmly believes in taking care of yourself first in order to best give back to others.

The Power of Hydrogen to Reduce Oxidative Stress

Mark Sherwood, ND

Mark is quite the guy, not only is he a Naturopathic doctor, he is an expert in functional medicine, hormones, peptides and age management. He is a 3-time best selling author, podcaster, TV Actor, Film producer, product formulator, former professional baseball player and former police officer with 10 yrs on the SWAT team.

Getting Unstuck to Have a Purpose as we Age

Chad Weller

Chad Weller High Performance Life coach and former professional athlete wants to share an honest truth with you all for a moment.

He wasn’t always in the best place nor mindset in his life. He was stuck, lost, disconnected and lacking the tools and motivation to find a better way or even knowing the first steps on how to get unstuck and start optimizing his health, wealth, relationships, mindset and levels of purpose and satisfaction in life.

It was a car accident that nearly ended my life — THAT was my breaking point and I knew I had a choice: to stay as I was on the same empty path barely living; or, to choose differently and adapt a new lifestyle if I wanted to live and step into my potential power that I honestly longed for.

I’m here to share, you’re not alone, you can choose to create a change, you don’t need to have the answers, there’s nothing wrong with you, you didn’t mess up and I’m here to empower you as a master life coach with the tools to guide you to a find your true inner self and achieve your highest life potential.

Ayurvedic practices for longevity

Diana Pipaloff

Diana is a lifelong learner passionate about health, life balance, self-development, peak performance, and longevity.  She is a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, and is currently completing a Masters in Health and Human Performance.  She was the co-founder and director of Yoga Shakti, where, for over 20 years,  she taught classes, developed & conducted teacher training in yoga and meditation, and hosted retreats worldwide.  She is equally passionate about the ancient wisdom as she is about science and keeps up with the latest exciting research in health, wellness, and longevity. 



  • PDF: Top 5 Ayurvedic Practices for Longevity
  • Webinar: Improve Your Sleep & Deeply Rejuvenate
  • Call: 15 min Health Coaching Intro Session

Botanicals for Healthy Aging

Roxeanne Hardenburg

Roxeanne is a women's health transformation strategist, botanical biohacker, DNA analyst, and an expert in holistic health education. She is a certified herbalist and ketogenic diet and health coach, specialising in cyclical intermittent fasting. Since founding her nutraceutical company Essential Farmaceuticals, in 2021, Roxeanne has been taking complexed health strategies and disease research and making it easy to understand for the everyday woman. She has been able to heal her own body from decades of disease and is helping women all around the world achieve similar superhuman-healing results, using her science backed, proven formulas, alongside natural protocols, and herbal remedies. She's on a mission to heal the world, one woman at a time.

Playing the Long Game with Your Health

Deepak Saini

Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.


Saturday, December 9, 2023:


Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can Counter Aging

Dr. Jason Sonners

Dr. Sonners is deeply passionate about human biology and performance. He holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and is currently pursuing a PhD in molecular biology with a focus on regenerative medicine.

In 2020, Dr. Sonners authored "Oxygen Under Pressure," a best-selling book discussing the science and benefits of hyperbarics. He also contributes to the International Hyperbaric Association (IHA) and the International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM), educating and certifying medical professionals in hyperbaric medicine.

Alongside his wife, Dr. Melissa Sonners, they own Core Therapies Family Wellness Center and several Hyperbaric clinics, including NJ HBOT, PA HBOT, and HBOT USA, dedicated to assisting practitioners with hyperbaric equipment, education, business development, and HBOT certification. 

Does Estrogen cause Breast Cancer?

Dr. Jenn Simmons

Dr. Simmons started her professional career as Philadelphia's first Fellowship trained breast surgeon. After spending 17 years as Philadelphia's top breast surgeon, her own illness led her to discover functional medicine. So enamored with the concept of creating health rather than killing disease, she left traditional medicine and her esteemed surgical position in 2019 and founded Real Health MD with the mission to help women anywhere along the breast cancer journey to truly heal.

She is on a mission to change the impact of breast cancer by empowering millions of women to take control of their health and create the life they want. She hosts her weekly podcast, Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn, and wrote her book, The Smart Person’s Guide to Breast Cancer. She is currently working to open Quintessential Breast Imaging Centers along the East Coast to provide safe, effective breast imaging for women.

Ketosis and Metabolic Flexibility for Longevity

Ben Azadi

In 2008, Ben Azadi was an obese man who went through a personal health transformation of releasing 80 pounds of extra weight, and getting metabolically healthy. Ever since he has been on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle.

Ben is the author of four best-selling books, including his latest Keto Flex. Ben has been the go-to source for intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet since 2013.

He is known as 'The Health Detective' because he investigates dysfunction, and he educates, not medicates, to bring the body back to normal function.  

Discover How to Age Backwards that is Completely Free

Melissa Kathryn

Melissa Kathryn is a Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Weight Loss and Mindset Expert, specializing in Wholeness and the field of disordered eating. She is a Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, and globally recognized Body Intuitive with a background in Fitness and Mind-Body Connection. 

Melissa is an International Best-Selling Author and Speaker who is dedicated to freeing women from the limited beliefs that keep them from having their dreams. She does this through her proven MK Method. Her sole mission is to bring women back to the truth of who they are - to be Whole and thrive in life in a body they love.

Why you Might Not Want to be in the Medical Systems Reference Range

Reed Davis

Reed Davis is a Double Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), best-selling author and popular expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine. He is also an Environmental Paralegal and Conservationist and Reed is the Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) Certification Course with over 4000 graduates in 50 countries. He was the Health Director and Case Manager at a Wellness Center in Southern California for over 10 years where he reviewed thousands of labs with thousands of clients and made important discoveries that are now part of the FDN Methodology. Reed serves on the board of the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches and lives in the US. When not teaching and helping his graduates build their practices, he can be found landscaping his property or riding motorcycles.

The effect of Chronic Stress on Longevity and Aging

Dr. Robyn Tiger

Dr. Robyn Tiger is a double board-certified physician in Diagnostic Radiology and Lifestyle Medicine. As founder of the wellness practice, StressFreeMD, she uniquely combines her trainings in medicine, yoga therapy, meditation & life coaching to teach others a whole person approach to relieve stress and improve overall health and well-being.

Dr. Tiger serves as lead faculty and subject matter expert in stress management for the Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review Manual and Western Carolina Medical Society Healthy Healer Partner. She is deeply passionate about successfully guiding others to become the best versions of themselves and live their healthiest most fulfilling lives!

How to be more Youthful as we Grow Older from an Energetic Perspective

Sam Liebowitz

Sam Liebowitz, known as The Conscious Consultant, is a facilitator, mentor, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur, host of the top rated radio show, The Conscious Consultant Hour, and is a three time best-selling author, and author of the #1 empowerment book, Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His current ventures include Talking Alternative Broadcasting, and Double Diamond Wellness in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City, including being a featured speaker at TEDxUpperWestSide in 2016.

How to Improve Your Eyesight as you Age

Barry Auchettl

Barry Auchettl (Ock-er-tell), known as The Blockbuster, is a Life Visionary from Australia who helps people see the world with new eyes, by improving both their physical eyesight and their insight as to what’s possible for themselves and others.

 Barry is the founder of The Vision School .org that changes the way people see life. Here, he helps others shine their light by unlocking their full potential.

 He is also the creator of Conversations, an inspirational game that encourages more meaningful conversations and connections, and is the producer of the movie Vision 2020: from eyesight to insight.

 He has six grandchildren, and his vision is dedicated to creating a better world for them to grow up in!



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How does Lifestyle Medicine Fit into Traditional Medicine

Dr. John McHugh

Dr. John McHugh completed his undergrad at Columbia University and received his MD from the joint program of Harvard Medical School and MIT. After training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCSF, he became department chair of Scripps Mercy Hospital, then spent years in the “c-suite” working with health care leaders to improve quality and access to care at a local and national level.

His primary passion remained health and wellness, after helping found the Women's Health Member Interest Group of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, he now speaks and writes on the impact of lifestyle on women’s health.


Top Tips to Reduce the Effects of Aging on Your Skin

Rachel Varga

As the host of the captivating top 20 podcast, "The School of Radiance Podcast," Rachel's insights into skin care, rejuvenation, and holistic wellness are sought-after by listeners worldwide. Her role as an international clinical trainer for fellow Physicians and Nurses highlights her commitment to enhancing industry practices.

Beyond her luminous podcasting career, Rachel is recognized as a celebrity skin expert, a dedicated researcher, and a multi-award-winning author. With six academic publications in the fields of regenerative and aesthetic nursing, she continues to illuminate new horizons in the industry.

How Can Mindfulness Help Us with Aging

Rod Francis

Rod Francis is a US-based coach, coach educator, mindfulness teacher, storyteller and speaker who has led professional coach training programs in Europe and the USA over the past decade and a half. He’s the founder and creator of the ICF-Accredited Emergent Coach Training program. A former professional dancer, performer and entrepreneur, he is keenly interested in the integration of ancient wisdom traditions, nature-based practices and cutting-edge science with professional coaching competencies to support human change and the ease of ecological and social suffering.


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Learn the S.O.A.R. Method and How to Improve Mobility at any Age

Julie Bergfeld

Julie Bergfeld coaches adults 50 and older to feel their youngest by changing their relationship with food, movement and mindfulness. Through her signature SOAR methodology, Julie guides her clients to lasting success. Julie has been a guest on several podcasts and a guest expert on several Tiny Habits Academy Panels. She is a sought-after teacher, workshop facilitator and speaker on topics related to sustenance, mindset, movement and sleep.

The Right Movement for You

Deepak Saini

Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.


Sunday, December 10, 2023:


Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.

What a CIA Agent can teach you about your Health Goals

Martha Wilson

After 27 years undercover with the CIA, Martha Wilson is an expert at helping ordinary people uncover their hidden drivers, de-railers, and show-stoppers so they can do extraordinary things. Entrepreneurs and leaders hire Martha when they are ready to do the inner work to move past their hidden edges so they can take the limits off their goals, their income, and their future.

How to become the Hero of your Life Story

Sara Quiriconi

Sara Quiriconi is an Actress, TV Host, Voiceover Artist, Author, Creative Producer and entrepreneur. As a cancer survivor, and resilient soul overcoming various health challenges early on, she’s an advocate of being a creator, not a victim, to create your own reality. Sara’s mission in life is to story-tell, impact and inspire with a legacy of empowerment that last far beyond her years.

Founder of Live Free Media, LLC. (conscious-driven media and storytelling with an expertise in wellness travel and wellthy living), author of Living Cancer Free, and host of the motivational Never Settle, Sara truly is a dynamic character across many creative fields and a warrior of light.

Using Peptides, Stem cells, and Exosomes in treating Chronic Sleep Conditions

Dr. Ross Carter

Dr. Ross Carter is a leading expert in regenerative medicine, epigenetics, and longevity. With over 25 years of experience, he specializes in age reduction, cellular rejuvenation, and stem cell therapies. He's a sought-after speaker at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Dr. Carter has authored three best-sellers, including "Reprogramming Youth: The Revolutionary Method to Reawaken Your Health, Youthfulness, and Vitality." Recognized in Tony Robbins' "Lifeforce," he's transformed countless lives.


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Can Social Involvement Keep You Young?

Dr. Ron Kaiser

At age 85, Dr. Ron Kaiser leads a lifestyle that would be regarded as very active by people half his age. He is a psychologist, coach, keynote and TEDx speaker, podcaster, and author of REJUVENAGING®: The art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm. He is always happy to share his passion for "disrupting the way that we age," and he encourages his fellow seniors to realize that AGE IS A NUMBER; NOT AN EXCUSE.

Reduce the Effects of Aging by Being Toxic Free

Amy Todisco

When you meet Amy, you will hear, see, and feel her passion for teaching people how to live a less toxic, more earth-friendly, healthier life.

For over 28 years, she's been a nationally recognized green living expert and mentor who got the attention of Oprah. She’s also been a transformational life reinvention coach for 15 years, and a personal growth & wellness retreat leader for over 9 years. Amy is the technical editor of the book, Green Living for Dummies, and lives on and helps run a certified organic farm in Vermont with her partner, Dave.

How Does Lifestyle Affect Cancer and other Chronic Diseases

Dr. Amber Orman

Amber Orman, MD, DipABLM is a double board-certified radiation oncologist and lifestyle medicine specialist focusing on focusing on breast cancer treatment and prevention, providing holistic care that encompasses mind and body. She is the first ever Chief Wellness Office (CWO) of AdventHealth Medical Group, working to improve the well-being of her colleagues. She is also the co-founder of the HEAL (Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle) program at AdventHealth in Orlando, Florida. HEAL is an 8-week lifestyle medicine program designed to educate and inspire cancer patients to make positive changes to decrease cancer recurrence and improve overall healthspan. She collaborates with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as a member of the Health Systems Council and also serves as the Chair of the Cancer Member Interest Group. She is the Medical Director of AdventHealth Lifestyle Ventures as well as an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

She is a mother to 3 teenagers and 2 poodles, wife to a witty nephrologist, yogi, and ultrarunner currently prepping for a 100 miler. She is also well versed in the plant-based kitchen.

How Best to Work with your Primary Care Doctor and Be an Advoacte for Yourself

Dr. Amruti Borad

Dr. Amruti Borad is a Concierge Family Medicine Physician and a Medical Student and Physician Coach who helps prevent and treat burnout, navigate transitions, and practice medicine with fulfillment.

After experiencing burnout in her previous role as a Physician Leader, Dr. Borad found a new path in Concierge Medicine, which allows her to spend more time with her patients, build strong relationships, focus on prevention, and therefore achieve better health outcomes.

At the heart of her work, Dr. Borad empowers both patients and healthcare professionals to trust and advocate for themselves.

What is your Circadian Rhythm & why is it Essential for Your Sleep, Health and Aging

Mollie Eastman

Mollie Eastman is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep. With a background in behavioral change, she became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep.

Mastering Mindset for Longevity and Healthy Aging

Robert Rudelic

Robert Rudelic is an acclaimed Anatomy and Physiology Instructor formally at the National Holistic Institute. He’s a natural products formulator, an Integrative HealthCare Professional, and is an innovator in his field with over 30 years of clinical practice in San Francisco, teaching seminars, and workshops. He spent 20 years in the NFL as a Peak Performance Coach. He has created dramatic results for thousands of people and his work has been the subject of many articles published in the field of health and fitness. He has a multi-disciplined approach to health and longevity. He is known as THE INVINCIBLE MINDSET TRAINER

How can we be Preventative When it comes to Cancer

Dr. Charles Meakin

Charles works to integrate metabolic health strategies into cancer care. He supplemented his formal education by enrolling in a diverse array of programs ranging from hypnosis and nutrition to Eastern philosophy.

As a physician, oncologist and health entrepreneur he uses lifestyle history, biometric calculators and laboratory measures to predict chronic disease and use simple steps (repurposed metabolically acting drugs)  to ameliorate and delay disease onset. 

How a Better Relationship with Nature can Help with Aging

Mike Dorian & Eve Woods

Eve is passionate about sustaining a healthy food system, and that all starts with soil health. She is an advocate for soil regeneration in the land and in the body. Eve believes we are nature and not separate from nature. Her uncommon thinking allows her to bring a unique approach to holistic nutrition. Eve supports her clients through holistic lifestyle choices, so they can build their resilience, regain their vitality, and live a physically and emotionally balanced life.

Mike loves food and grocery stores just cannot match the tastiness from his grandma’s garden. He believes that many people from his generation have missed out on precious skills that were not passed down. His passion is around soil and soil health. Mike has been making healthy compost and educating about soil biology for more than 10 years. Mike believes we need to get our hands in the soil and reconnect with nature.

The 7 Areas of Focus to Becoming Super Human

Deepak Saini

Deepak suffered with obesity, an autoimmune condition and a back injury. It wasn't until he took matters into his own hands, that he healed himself. His passion is helping others find their Exceptional Self, to Reverse the Effects of Aging, to have a fulfilling health span, and spend as much quality time with their families as possible.




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